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5 to 6 hours (approx.)

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Enjoy this magnificent historic Portuguese and Hindu city that is dotted with colourful temples and imposing churches. For a flavour of Portugal in India, go to the magnificent Baroque cathedral and the charming, colourful Panjim. Explore the local markets, spice farms, and beautiful beaches in the area’s countryside.

For Goa Cruise guests who are on a strict time schedule, this tour is ideal. With port pickup, drop-off, and transfers covered, have the most convenient day ever without having to worry about anything. Between city highlights, you’ll ride in comfort in an air-conditioned car. View popular destinations in Goa including Mangueshi Temple, Old Goa Church, Se Cathedral Church, and more. After the trip, you’ll have some free time to shop or eat some local fare.



Despite once having the world’s largest Jewish community, Goa has unfortunately lost its Jewish heritage. The inquisition practised by Portuguese colonial rulers in Goa and their animosity towards Goan Jews were the cause.

Before the Goa Inquisition began, Garcia de Orta passed deceased. The only relic of Garcia is Jardim Garcia de Orta, which is located in Panaji, the Goan capital. The Garden was constructed in 1878. Because Garcia served as the Royal Hospital Goa’s top physician, he was allowed to maintain a personal botanical garden close to the facility. Joshua Benjamin, a Jewish architect, created a chart of the area, which is still in existence even if his house and garden have since vanished.

Although it is unlikely, travellers from the eighteenth century mention a synagogue and organised Jewish communal life.

The ruins of St. Augustine’s Tower are a recognised landmark and well-liked tourist destination in Old Goa. Our Lady of Grace received a church dedication. Its tall tower, which manages to hold its ground among the ruins, is the most conspicuous structure there. Sadly, after being abandoned, St. Augustine’s edifice began to progressively deteriorate. It was formerly the biggest church in Goa.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The remains of Queen Ketevan of Georgia were also discovered at this archaeological site.

One of India’s largest churches, this one is dedicated to the Infant Jesus and is popular due to the presence of St. Francis Xavier’s relics there.

Panjim, the capital of Goa, has a lot to offer in terms of culture, tradition, architecture, history, entertainment, cuisine, and that truly reflects the multiethnic and diverse essence of Goa.

The tour includes historical alleyways, Portuguese and Indian-styled homes, the city’s main church and temple, market areas, and fascinating monuments.

  • Fontainhas, the Latin neighbourhood built for the servants and bureaucrats of Portugal. This was one of Panaji City’s first settlements. Additionally, visit the Chapel of St. Sebastian, as well as the Lord Maruti hilltop shrine and the Geetanjali Gallery, which features displays of contemporary art. Likewise, Tobacco Square, which got its name from the riverbank tobacco trade. You will be fascinated by the magnificence of the Mandovi River scenery in Panjim.
  • Also stroll to the Mermaid Garden and the Abbe Faria statue, two iconic locations.
  • Visit building of Maquinezes, the corporate offices of the Entertainment Society of Goa and the International Film Festival of India.
  • Visit the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church. After tearing down a temple, the church was built on this hill in 1541 specifically for the sailors. It was afterwards rebuilt and built in the Baroque architectural style in the early 17th century. The church in Goa is home to a sizable church bell that was transported there from the abbey that was destroyed in Old Goa.

Tropical Spice Plantation, the undiscovered and unpolluted Keri village, which is about 6 km from Ponda Village, offers expansive territory with a variety of plantations and lovely wildlife. The presence of coffee plants, which is rare in India, is one of the unique aspects of this spice farm. One of Goa’s most popular farms is the spice plantation in Keri village. Other activities available here include taking an elephant for a joyride and bathing an elephant.

Aguada Fort is the pinnacle of the Portuguese legacy in Goa and is renowned as the largest water reservoir in Asia. This fort dates back more than 400 years. With its captivating beauty and fascinating history, Fort Aguada never fails to draw tourists. You may see the magnificent fort, an antique lighthouse, and the lovely confluence of the Mandovi River and Arabian Sea.

After Goa became an Indian state, the beach’s previous Portuguese name, Porter de Gasper Dias, was changed to Miramar. One of the most popular beaches in Goa is this one. It is located directly where the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea meet.

Divar Island, a piece of heaven buried away in lush forests amidst the wonders of nature, is situated 10 km from Panjim in Goa. Divar Island is ringed by evergreen paddy fields, historic churches, and old residences constructed in the Portuguese style. This location offers the contrasted tranquilly and environment to the travelers, in contrast to the boisterous and hippy party culture of Goa, making people wish to just explore it.

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